Mastering Physics for ODU University Physics
PHYS 226N/231N

CRNs 10138/24368 and lab 11777/24369
Dr. Satogata / or
TAs: Dave Fisher ( and Shankar Karki (>
Fall Semester, Aug 27-Dec 08 2012

You will be using MasteringPhysics for class homework and (most) quizzes. This document is meant to help you with the setup and use of MasteringPhysics. This is the first time I have used MasteringPhysics as well, so we are learning together. Please email me at if you have any problems with MasteringPhysics or these instructions, and I'll do my best to correct them.

Accessing MasteringPhysics

Setting up your MasteringPhysics account

Using MasteringPhysics for PHYS 226N/231N

Last update: 31 Aug 2012