ODU University Physics Tutoring Resources
PHYS 226N/231N/261N

CRNs 12743/10067/19775 (lab is a separate course)
Dr. Todd Satogata / satogata@jlab.org or tsatogat@odu.edu
TAs: Jiwan Poudel (jpoud001@odu.edu)
Fall Semester, Aug 27-Dec 09 2016

Some students have inquired about tutoring resources available at Old Dominion. Here are the resources that I'm aware of.

Peer Educator Program

ODU provides a Peer Educator tutor program, with information at http://www.odu.edu/peereducator. Tutors hold both drop-in and appointment-based tutoring sessions in the Library Learning Commons, Room 1313, and online via WebEx. To view and sign-up for tutor appointments using a system called MyTutor, follow these directions:
  1. Select MyTutor from your my.odu.edu portal.
  2. You will see your list of courses for the current term. Locate the course you need help in and select Schedule Tutor Appt.
  3. If a tutor is available for this course, select your preferred location from a drop-down menu.
    1. For in-person appointments, select 1313 Learning Commons -- Peer Educator Program.
    2. For online appointments, select Online via WebEx.
  4. Use the arrow and/or calendar tool to view tutoring availabilities for each day of the week.
    1. Available appointment times will appear as open.
    2. Available drop-in times will appear in purple as drop-in. Drop-in tutoring requires no prior appointment. Just show up to LC 1313, and tutors will see students on a first-come, first-serve basis for 25 minutes.
  5. To schedule an appointment, select the open time block, and then select Submit when you have determined you would like to schedule the appointment.
    1. You will receive an email with appointment details, including WebEx login info for online appointments.
  6. Your appointment will appear on your student home page. From there, you may also cancel your appointment (at least 2 hours in advance, or it is considered a no-show) by selecting the appointment and Cancel Appointment.
You may also contact the Peer Educator Program with any questions at (757) 683-7093, peereducator@odu.edu, or in 1313 Learning Commons.

Physics Department Tutors

The ODU Department of Physics maintains a list of potential physics tutors available at http://www.odu.edu/physics/resources/tutors. Note that these are private tutors, and payment terms are arranged privately between you and individual tutors.

Khan Academy Youtube Videos

Khan Academy has some excellent videos on all topics of physics that we discuss in class. These are unfortunately not interactive, but they may be helpful if you find you are getting stuck on a particular type of problem or want to see how an example type of problem is solved.

Last update: 12 Sep 2016